Vehicle Adaptations – Swivel Seats

At Clark & Partners’ Head Office at Orgreave, we have a car accident and repair centre and a bodyshop. We perform MOTs and carry out repairs, but we can also adapt vehicles to suit different disabilities. 

We can help with access when getting in and out of the vehicle. A product which we supply is a swivel seat, which can help those who struggle to get in and out of the vehicle.

There are different options available. Some options come right out of the car and lift or lower to help the customer to their feet or into a wheelchair. We have a range of manual and electric seats in our Demo Vehicle, so book an appointment today.

We have vehicle adaptations to suit most needs and our Bespoke Chief Engineer can carry out customisations. We rarely – if ever – turn down a job because it’s too complex.

To book an appointment or to ask about our vehicle adaptations, call our team on 0114 229 33 85.

Have a look at our vehicle adaptations video:


Remaining Independent at Home 4: In the Living Room

Remaining Independent at Home 4: In the Living Room

This is the fourth in our series of tips to help your friend or relative remain independent and safe in their own home.

Here we suggest mobility aids which can help around the living room. 

Handy Grabbers

Handy Grabber

If your loved one has limited hand strength or finds it difficult to reach or bend, a handy grabber can be very useful. They come in different sizes and have a magnetic tip and key hook.


Adjustable Height Plastic Shelf Trolley

For those who have are unsteady on their feet or find it difficult to grip, a trolley with plastic shelves can maximise independence. It’s ideal for transporting food or belongings from room to room. It’s the safe alternative to carrying too much and can prevent accidents.

High Seat Chairs

Shetland Drop Down Armchair

High seat chairs* can help those who struggle with getting in and out of a chair. They are available in a variety of styles, widths and heights. The Shetland style in the image above has arms which lift up, out and down to facilitate side transfer or hoisting.

Rise and Recliner Chairs

Lilburn Rise and Recliner Chair

Rise and recliner chairs* provide comfort and back support. They also make it easier for getting in and out of the chair – with the remote control, the user can find their desired reclining position and also the chair will tilt forwards to assist with standing. The armrests can be gripped to help with standing. The Lilburn above is affordable and our most popular rise and recliner.

*The chairs shown on are standard sizes and styles. For a customised, made-to-measure chair to suit your needs, call our Web Sales team on 0114 229 33 74 to book a free assessment where our Seating Specialists can take measurements and match a chair to your needs.

Chair Raisers

Wooden Chair Raisers

It can sometimes be a struggle to get in and out of low chairs. Your friend or relative’s old favourite chair can be altered to raise it up higher. Chair raisers are blocks which slot on to the end of the chair legs to raise the chair to make it more comfortable.

Handi Plugs

Handi Plugs

Those with poor or weak grip or arthritis can benefit from handi plugs. They have a handle which helps when plugging in or unplugging. It makes them easier to unplug and safer as the user’s fingers aren’t touching the sockets.

Lap Tray with Bean Bag

Lap Tray with Bean Bag

A lap tray with bean bag is handy for eating, drinking, reading and writing. The tray makes it easy to carry food and drinks to the living room. The bean bag moulds to the knee to create a stable surface.

Friends & Family Emergency Telephone

Friends & Family Emergency Telephone

An emergency telephone for your loved one can provide peace of mind for you and them. The Friends & Family Emergency Telephone comes with an SOS pendant which acts like a cordless phone. If the user is away from the phone, they can use the pendant to automatically ring one of five emergency contacts. These can be programmed in and saved for quick access.

Couch Cane

Couch Cane

Make it easier for your loved one to get on and off their settee with the couch cane. It can be used in the left or right hand and it’s height adjustable. The couch cane is stable and provides good grip. It’s also lightweight so it can be carried around if necessary.


For more useful living room aids, you may find our Household Help section useful.

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Countdown to the OT Show

Clark & Partners goody bag

Clark & Partners are very excited to be attending this year’s OT Show. It takes place at Birmingham’s NEC on Wednesday 26th November and Thursday 27th November. 

It’s a free national event for occupational therapists which offers two days of seminars, exhibitors, stalls and giveaways. Speakers include doctors, professors, occupational therapists and other professionals within the field.

Seminar topics include how to support a person with dementia, therapeutic use of horticulture and working with children.

TV’s Dr. Hilary Jones is set to open the show on Wednesday. It’s estimated that 3,000 OT professionals from around the UK will attend the show.

The event also has a ‘networking bar’ where you can meet other professionals and introduce your brand in a relaxed environment.

You can view the conference timetables for both days here:

Check out the video we’re screening at the show:

Visit us at stand G40 for your free goody bags and sweet treats. Here’s a sneak peek of what to expect from us.

Sweets at the OT Show

Giant sweet

Our sweet scoops are at the ready and the car is full of sweets. The fun starts at 10am. See you there!

Clark & Partners' Charlie's Angels

Car boot full of sweets

Remaining Independent at Home 3: In the Bathroom

Remaining Independent at Home 3: In the Bathroom

This is the third in our series of tips to help your friend or relative remain independent and safe in their own home.

Here we suggest mobility aids which can help with moving around the bathroom.

Bath Boards

Savanah Slatted Bath Board

Bath boards and seats can help your loved one to safely shower themselves, particularly if they are unsteady on their feet. They come in different sizes and securely attach to the sides of the bath.


Bathmaster Deltis Bathlift

Bathlifts can help those who find it difficult getting in and out of the bath, but still want to enjoy a soak. It is easy to dismantle when not in use and gently lowers the user into the bath for a deep soak.

Shower stools

Shower perching stool

Showering can be made easier for your loved one with a shower stool. There are a range of styles available, including a standard stool without arm or back rests.

Perching stools provide support for the back and arms and this style is suitable for use in the shower. It’s also height adjustable.

Suction Cup Grab Bars

Dual Suction Cup Grab Bar

These grab bars are specially designed for use in the bathroom and can help when bathing or showering. They attach with secure suction cups and no tools are needed for installation or removal. They have an indicator which shows “safe secure” suction and “re-affix” suction.

Raised Toilet Seats

Raised Toilet Seat

If your loved one struggles with sitting down and getting up, then a raised toilet seat may be the solution. It is easy to fit and this comes with detachable arm rests for added support.

There is also a raised toilet seat with frame available, which combines a raised toilet seat for ease of use and a frame for added support when lowering and raising.

Bath Steps

Savanah Modular Bath Step

Bath steps can help with access to and from the bath. They provide a platform for getting in and out of the bath and this can assist your friend or relative if they find it difficult to lift their legs over the sides of the bath.

Fold Away Grab Rails

Fold away grab rail

Fold away grab rails are ideal for storing away when not in use. They can provide support in the bathroom, for example, when getting on and off the toilet. They are available with a leg or without.

Tap Turners

Crosshead Tap Turners

If your friend or relative struggles with grip or has arthritis in their hands, tap turners can help them to grip the taps when turning them on or off. They come in pairs – one red and one blue – to distinguish between the hot and cold taps.

For more handy bathroom aids, see our entire Bathroom section.

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Free assessments

At Clark & Partners, we have specialist advisers who work with occupational therapists and their clients to provide free assessments at the client’s home before installing products to ensure it’s the right product for them. Here are some of the products we provide assessments on.

Modular ramp systems

modular rampsWe provide a fantastic range of modular ramp systems. These provide easy access to and from properties and are simple to install with minimal disruptions. They can be fully adjusted to suit your clients’ needs.

Our team provides free assessments of the property and also remove ramps if they are no longer required, or put these into storage if they are required at a later stage. There are several lightweight options available also.

Geberit Aquaclean 8000 shower toilet

Aquaclean at Clark & PartnersThe Aquaclean 8000 combines the functions of a toilet and a bidet to ensure improved hygiene. Whilst sat on the comfortable seat, your client can use the simple control panel to activate the spray of warm water.  It’s hygienic, as it’s washed with clean water before and after every use.

It’s discreet and has only one water connection, so no modifications are needed. Our team provides free assessments. We have a demo model which your client can test at our Head Office, Orgreave Way. Our team of experts are on hand to demonstrate how it works. Read more about the shower toilet here.

Shower chairs

shower chairWe do a wide range of shower chairs, which are ideal for those who are unsteady on their feet. We have ranges from Invacare, Ocean and Osprey Healthcare, which all help to maintain your clients’ independence.

Our team provides free assessments, in homes and care homes. The shower chairs are made to measure and come in a range of choices to meet your clients’ needs.

Transit and self-propel options are available so your client can be assisted in the shower or be wheeled in, put the brakes on and safely shower themselves. Getting the right product improves confidence and independence.


Wheelchair assessments

We provide free assessments for both manual wheelchairs and powered wheelchairs. Our Wheelchair & Seating Team has over 20 years’ experience and attends regular training courses to keep their knowledge up-to-date. Having worked with the NHS for over 50 years, you can be confident that Clark & Partners will provide the best wheelchair service and advice for your client.

Our team will provide full assessments for clients either at home or at clinics. We work with leading manufacturers such as Invacare and Sunrise Medical and supply a wide range of wheelchairs to suit everyone.

Wheelchairs can also be modified to suit your clients’ individual needs. For example, they can be customised with special controls or the seating can be modified to provide comfort and posture control.

Ceiling track hoists

Ceiling Track Hoists

Ceiling track hoists offer a permanent, fixed solution for lifting. The track system can transport clients between rooms or transfer to beds, shower rooms, chairs or toilets.

This type of hoist is most suitable for environments where a high lifting capacity is needed or where hoisting is constantly required. It can also be a considerable space saver.

Our team provides free assessments of ceiling track hoists. They will visit your client with you to understand their requirements, assess the space available and the structure of the property to ensure a safe hoist.

The hoist is also weight tested and a demonstration is provided on how your client can use the hoist. We provide a full warranty and a service package to suit your client’s needs.

To arrange an assessment or for more information call us on 0114 229 33 88.

Children In Need

BBC Children In Need

As today is Children In Need day, we thought of some fun ways to raise money for such a great cause.

The girls in the Sales office had the fantastic idea of performing a sponsored sing along.

However, after our enthusiastic practise sessions, the Directors of Clark & Partners decided we sounded so bad, that they’d donate £100 to Children In Need to make us stop!

A great result, as the money we pledged will go towards disadvantaged children and young people around the UK.

Stay tuned to Radio 2 to hear if we get a mention. We’ll be busy singing along – sorry, you can’t stop us that easily!

Keep up the donations everyone!

Remaining Independent at Home 2: Moving Around the Home

Remaining Independent: Moving Around the Home

This is the second in our series of tips to help your friend or relative remain independent and safe in their own home.

Here we suggest mobility aids which can help with moving around the home.

Home Safety Alert

Home Safety Alert

The Home Safety Alert is a great device which can add peace of mind for both you and the one you care for.

It’s a wireless panic and calling alarm system which has one main receiver and two pendants. You or a carer keep the alarm system, and the caller is left with the pendant, who will press the pendant should they need assistance

Pill Reminder

Vibration 5-Alarm Reminder Pill Box

Ensure your loved one never forgets to take their medication with our range of pill reminders. In particular, the Vibration 5-Alarm Pill Box will vibrate or sound an alarm to remind them to take their medication. It’s cost effective, contains five pill compartments and has five different alarms to help them recognise which medication to take.



If your friend or relative is unsteady on their feet or struggles with stairs, then it may be worth considering having a stairlift installed. We provide free home assessments on stairlifts. For more information, or to book an assessment, call our Web Sales team on 0114 229 33 74.

Grab Rails

Grip Sure Grab Rail

Grab rails can help those who are uneasy on their feet and prevent trips or falls. With a surface which is easy to grip, add peace of mind with grab rails around the home. We have a range of grab rails which are suitable throughout the home.

For example, for the bathroom, there is a foldaway grab rail. Or for tiled walls in the house, try these grab rails which are available in different lengths.

Walking Sticks and Frames

Narrow Wheeled Walking Frame

To help prevent trips and falls when moving from room to room, why not consider a walking stick or frame for your loved one? There are adjustable wide based sticks available or standard folding versions, which are more compact.

If a walking frame would be more suitable, there are lightweight, adjustable walking frames which fold up for storage. Alternatively, a narrow wheeled frame is great for manoeuvring through doorways and narrow rooms.

Night Lights

Night Light

Night lights are great for areas of the home which are poorly lit such as garages, sheds and cupboards. They have a long battery life, so they’re economical and operate on a motion sensor. Ensure improved visibility for dark areas when your loved one is moving about their home. This can minimise the risk of trips and accidents.

For more mobility aids which can help around the home, see our Household Help section.

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Motability Scheme through Clark & Partners

Motability Scheme through Clark & Partners

The Motability Scheme enables disabled people to lease a new car, mobility scooter or powered wheelchair through their Government funded mobility allowance. 

At Clark & Partners, you can buy a mobility scooter or powered wheelchair from us through the Motability Scheme.

How do I know if I’m eligible for this scheme?

You can join the scheme if you receive any of the following allowances:

  • Higher Rate Mobility Component of Disability Living Allowance (HRMC DLA)
  • Enhanced Rate of the Mobility Component of Personal Independence Payment (ERMC PIP)
  • War Pensioners’ Mobility Supplement (WPMS)
  • Armed Forces Independence Payment (AFIP)

For more advice on eligibility please see the Motability website: 

What can I get on this scheme?

Invacare Leo Scooter in Red

At Clark & Partners, you can choose from a wide range of mobility scooters and powered wheelchairs which are available on the Motability Scheme. Everything is taken care of for you: insurance, breakdown recovery, repairs and servicing. Enjoy worry-free mobility!

How do I know which is the right scooter/powered wheelchair for me?

First of all, you could conduct some research into scooters or powered wheelchairs available which match your needs.

You could then visit one of our eight showrooms to see one of our advisers, who will be happy to help you find the best option to suit your needs. You can trial a range and book a free home demonstration. You can find information on your nearest showroom here: 

Alternatively, if you live in our region, our team of Wheelchair and Scooter Specialists will be happy to carry out a free home demonstration. We have a selection of products which we can bring for you to try out and our advisers would match your needs to one of our scooters or powered wheelchairs.

If you’re unsure about whether you are covered in our region, want to book a home demonstration or have any other questions please contact a member of our Web Sales team on: 0114 229 33 74.

Salsa M2 Powered Wheelchair


Remaining Independent at Home 1: Accessing the House

Remaining Independent at Home: Accessing the House

At Clark & Partners, we understand how important independence is. No one wants to become reliant upon others to perform daily tasks, especially around their own home. We’ve come up with a series of suggestions of daily living aids which can help someone you know remain independent and safe around their home.

Here, we focus on getting in and out of their home.



A keysafe ensures that you can always have peace of mind that a loved one is safe. It’s a secure storage system for keys to the household. Simply punch in the code, and rest assured that you can always call in to see your friend or family member.


Safety Beam

Keep a loved one protected with a safety beam which can monitor who approaches the property. It works with invisible infrared beams which detects movement between the two units.

Grab rails

Grab Rail

Grab rails can help those who are uneasy on their feet, assist with steps and prevent trips or falls. They can supply extra support with an easy to grip surface. At an affordable price, give your loved one the confidence to get out and about easier.

Key turners

Key Turner

It can sometimes be difficult to grip small items such as keys. Key turners can fit around keys to aid with unlocking and locking doors. They are discreet and come in one or two key options.


Modular Ramp

As we get older, it can sometimes be harder to get up and down steps. If your friend or relative struggles with steps, why not consider getting them a ramp? There are different styles available and either permanent or temporary ramps. Modular ramps are versatile and lightweight so they can be transported if needed.

Clark & Partners also has specialists who provide free assessments on modular ramp systems. They will visit the property to assess it and ensure the user’s needs are met.



For wheelchair users, steplifts can provide the easiest solution to accessing a house. They maximise independence and don’t obstruct pedestrian access. We provide free assessments for steplifts. Please call our Web Sales team to book a free assessment on 0114 229 33 74.

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Our day out at Golden Years Roadshow Doncaster

Mo talking to Golden Years guests

Clark & Partners had a great day yesterday at Golden Years Roadshow in Doncaster, a local event for over-50s which provided information and entertainment throughout the day.

The event took place at Doncaster Racecourse and included stalls from local businesses who offered promotions, discounts and giveaways. There was also a fashion show, an Elvis tribute act, live cookery demonstrations and a fun casino, where the proceeds were donated to local charities.

Clark & Partners stall at Golden Years

Information was available through seminars, with topics ranging from health and home care to free legal advice.

We enjoyed meeting lots of people at the show. Our ‘Lucky Lollies’ competition attracted a lot of interest. Congratulations to our winners: Mrs Collingwood, who won our Gold Star Prize of an M&S Pamper Hamper; Mrs Treacy, who won our Silver Star Prize of Afternoon Tea for 2 at Mount Pleasant Hotel; and Mr Collingwood, who won our Red Star Prize of a Rollator.

It was a great turn out and a successful day. Here are some pictures from our day at Golden Years.

Andrea and our Gold Star Prize Winner, Mrs Collingwood

Mo with our Silver Prize Winner, Mrs Treacy