The Naidex show

Naidex Show


The Naidex show

This week was my first day out at the annual Naidex show at the NEC in Birmingham, and I have to say it was a real eye opener. The vast array of products available really was outstanding. This also included new products entering the market and I couldn’t help but think how inspiring it is that there really are some clever people out there making a difference in peoples lives by inventing these fantastic products.

Among the ideas I saw were the Stairsteady, a product for giving people a helping hand to climb the stairs. This would be great for someone who doesn’t need a stairlift but could use something to hold onto better than a banister rail. What’s great about this product was its simplicity.  It consisted of a horizontal bar which you held in front of yourself as it locked where you left it as you walked, and they say the simple ideas are the best.

There were wheelchairs that can climb stairs such as the Scalamobil by Alber, and even a device to enable people with paraplegic conditions the ability to stand and even walk. I couldn’t help but think the future had well and truly arrived with this breakthrough in technology. The bionic device named eLEGS had a full skeleton structure which was adjusted to fit the individual and strapped to the body over clothing. Now OK, it naturally came with an impressive price tag too but I couldn’t help but imagine just where this product would be in the next few years and the lives it could change. The future really had arrived and it looked brighter than ever.

All the big names were there Sunrise, Invacare, Kuschal, Quickie, Ottobock and Handicare alongside smaller manufacturers and inventors. All in all an enjoyable and educational day.