Invacare Colibri Scooter

Colibri in Sunstone Orange

Introducing an exclusive online offer…The new and stylish Colibri Scooter from Invacare effortlessly fits around your lifestyle. It has a LiteLock system which means it can be easily dismantled into five pieces in under a minute, and it fits in any car boot, making it ideal for those who enjoy their independence.

The comfortable seat, combined with its LiteLock system and its 16km range, mean it’s easy to get around. It’s also lightweight – the heaviest part is only 15.6kg. You can choose small or large wheels, and there’s a choice between a 12AMP battery and an 18AMP.

Colibri is easily dismantled

The Colibri is all about personal choice and there are five colour options: Sapphire Blue; Jasper Red; Jade Green; Sunstone Orange; and Marble White. Colours can be clipped on and off, which means you can buy alternative colours and personalise your scooter every time you use it!

For our local customers, we offer a FREE home demonstration and assessment, which means that one of our Scooter Specialists can visit you in the comfort of your own home and help you to decide which style of scooter would be suitable for you.

Colibri dismantled

It’s also worth considering where you might store your scooter when you’re not using it. If you’re storing it outside or using it in the rain, we would recommend a scooter cover to keep dry. We have a range of scooter accessories in the ‘Travel and Transport’ section of our Online Shop, which can be found here: your independence with the Colibri

Order your Colibri Scooter with our exclusive online offer of £695 (excluding VAT). This is a saving of £100! This offer is online only.

To find out more or to order yours today, click here:

Watch our demonstration below:

The Colibri is on display at our Sheffield City Centre shop on Wellington Street. Find our shop details here:

Wellington Street

Invacare Alber Twion M24 Powered Wheels

Twion wheels

We are excited to announce the arrival of a new product. The Alber Twion M24 Powered Wheels from Invacare are ideal for active or sporty wheelchair users. The wheels give extra power and can reach up to 6km/h (3.7mph).They are simple to handle and are highly agile.

A sensor on the hand rim calculates the right amount of support. They adapt to dynamic lifestyles and will give you maximum freedom and independence.  The wheels weigh only 6kg each so can easily be removed and loaded into a car.

Twion wheels are easily removed

The Twion wheels are easily attached by fitting the small bracket to the wheelchair frame. They also have an efficient energy recovery system which feeds energy back into the batteries when the user brakes. This has a range extension of 10% which gives greater freedom.

For smartphone users, there’s a free app called “Twion Mobility App” which can be downloaded for free from Google Play Store. This can be used to diagnose any problems and put you in direct contact with Invacare’s Service Team.

There's an app too

Invacare’s Alber Twion M24 Powered Wheels are available in a choice of stylish colours.

If you have a question about this or any of our other products, our Web Sales team would be on hand to help you. Call us on 0114 229 33 74 or email

Twion wheels

Half price Leo…back by popular demand

Leo Scooter

Last year we bought a large volume of scooters from leading manufacturer Invacare, due to the bulk order we were able to offer customers this great scooter at half the RRP.  It flew off the shelves immediately and ever since, customers have been asking about the Leo scooter which has become a firm favourite to scooter lovers everywhere.

This mid range scooter is ideal for going to the shops, visiting friends or just taking in the scenery. Its 4 wheel design gives user safety and manoeuvrability all rolled into one.  The stylish and sporty look makes it perfect to get out and about whilst turning heads.

Available in 2 attractive colours, it has a lights and indicators to get you noticed and a front basket for your shopping or why not choose a lockable box for extra storage. For extra peace of mind, it’s packed full of added safety features such as an audible as well as visual, low battery alert, and a two step disengaging lever to protect the scooter from free wheeling if inadvertently knocked out of drive mode.

At only £850, you really do get a lot of product to suit your needs and your pocket. Pop into your local showroom today, to try the Leo, or call us to request your free home demonstration on 0800 783 3832.


Clark and Partners supplying Top End Wheelchairs.

Clark and Partners are not shy about shouting about the quality of wheelchairs stocked in our showrooms but recently we’ve acquired something that’s quite unique and definitely worth a look.

Clark and Partners have stocked high specification manual wheelchair for many years, including top brands like Invacare, Sunrise Medical, Kuschall, Quickie, Ottobock and Handicare to name a few. This year another specialist product joins our company – the Top End Range.

Consider the Top End Crossfire, an ultra-lightweight, high-performance rigid custom manual wheelchair, if your looking for a minimalist modern appearance with lightweight, sharp performance this is the chair for you.

Next the Terminator Titanium; This custom made, seamless, chair can be ordered as the Terminator Everyday in Aluminium, made for value and performance or as the Terminator Titanium for ultra low weight, high performance. With a tapered front edge it also has an adjustable centre of gravity and camber system together with adjustable tension upholstery and high performance wheels all fitted as standard!

For something completely different the Crossfire All Terrain – this chair is great for the individual who keeps an active lifestyle. Whether it’s fishing, camping or just gardening you’re into this has got to be the chair for you; even on the beach this chairs a winner. This rigid framed chair is engineered with increased ground clearance, plus forward and side to side stability so that you can conquer the toughest terrain.

Not to be overlooked one of the biggest advantages of all the Top End Chairs is style, manufactured in the USA they are unlike anything else on the market so if standing out from the crowd is important to you then these are definitely worth a closer look.

To arrange a test drive for either of these wheelchairs please contact us on 0114 2293386

Clark and Partners are proud to support local charity

stars in our eyes

Clark and Partners have recently been involved in a fantastic local charity called Stars In Our Eyes. Visit their website here.

Our involvement all started when Joe Hamshaw, a young local lad had a bicycle accident. This unfortunately resulted in Joe suffering a multiple spinal injury resulting in him needing a wheelchair and this is where Stars In Our Eyes have stepped in. This charity has done a fantastic job of raising money to help improve people’s quality of life resulting in raising a total of over £500,000 since its start up 6 years ago.

The charity raises money for many needy causes by performing cabaret nights in clubs throughout the region. The cabaret consists of a series of tribute acts with many familiar faces, such as Cher, Elvis, Tina Turner and even a good looky likey of Freddie Mercury too.

Clark and Partners support came in the form of supplying a Sunrise Medical, Quickie Helium active user wheelchair for Joe and our specialist visited with several manufacturers wheelchairs including Invacare, Kuschall, and Ottobock all which helped Joe make an informed decision to chose the Helium as the product most suited his needs.

Stars In Our Eyes fame has got to the small screen too with a recent appearance on the YTV – Yorkshire Television Calendar Show, they visited a rehearsal and met with Joe and the cast of Stars In Our Eyes.

Clark and Partners would like to thanks to Stars in our eyes for giving us the opportunity to not only help support the charity but to help in making a change to Joe’s life.


Joe stars in opur eyes

Alber Adventure

Alber Adventure

The Alber Adventure by Invacare is a must have all terrain power chair for anyone who loves the great outdoors.

The Adventure has many things going for it, great handling and powerful motors with great traction, the spring suspension gives an excellent ride, perhaps the best ride available in its class, but the real beauty is in the design and aesthetics and the obvious quality of the manufacturer of the individual parts, all this truly make it stand out and put it in a class of its own.

In the field of electric wheelchairs, the Alber Adventure provides levels of driving safety, traction and comfort that were previously unheard of.

With indoor and outdoor driving modes it’s also simple to adjust for different terrain with just one switch.

The Alber Adventure is highly manoeuvrable and also has a great turning circle having no problems with all outdoor terrains.

The fact that this wheelchair can be dismantled for transportation only helps sell the benefits of this unique design. The low weight and easy handling of the power chair components makes this easy to transport even in the smaller of vehicles.

ADVENTURE was designed for use indoors, on the road and just about anywhere else.

To arrange a test drive or just if you’d like more information
Please call 0114 2293386

Moving and handling training with our guest speaker: Håkan Skenhede

Moving and handling training

Yesterday was the day of our long awaited moving and handling training day. We have to say the build up to this day has been immense as everyone seemed so keen to attend this event.

The event was held at the Mega Centre in Sheffield and we had a guest speaker from Handicare the moving and handling specialist Mr Håkan Skenhede, who flew in from Sweden especially to attend the day. Håkan kicked off the day by explaining the benefits of the techniques he was about to share with us, in particular with individuals with challenging behaviour.

The Handicare Moving and Handling Range is branded as System Romedic and these products provide healthcare staff with the knowledge and tools they require to be able to carry out simple, secure and effective transfers in every possible way.

The day was focused on providing the carers and staff with alternative solutions to moving and handling and much of this was back up by simple techniques demonstrated by Håkan.

As well as Handicare attending that day we also had other manufacturers there such as Patterson Medical, Invacare, West Meria, Kirton and Sunrise Medical. Each of these manufacturers had an exhibition on the day too showing a various range of equipment ranging from beds to shower chairs. It was great to see people interacting with the products and trying out the techniques Håkan had demonstrated.

With the event drawing in over 50 people from all healthcare sectors everyone remarked on how much they’d learnt and overall enjoyed the day.  If anyone requires a demonstration please contact our Orgreave head office on 0114 2293366

The Naidex show

Naidex Show


The Naidex show

This week was my first day out at the annual Naidex show at the NEC in Birmingham, and I have to say it was a real eye opener. The vast array of products available really was outstanding. This also included new products entering the market and I couldn’t help but think how inspiring it is that there really are some clever people out there making a difference in peoples lives by inventing these fantastic products.

Among the ideas I saw were the Stairsteady, a product for giving people a helping hand to climb the stairs. This would be great for someone who doesn’t need a stairlift but could use something to hold onto better than a banister rail. What’s great about this product was its simplicity.  It consisted of a horizontal bar which you held in front of yourself as it locked where you left it as you walked, and they say the simple ideas are the best.

There were wheelchairs that can climb stairs such as the Scalamobil by Alber, and even a device to enable people with paraplegic conditions the ability to stand and even walk. I couldn’t help but think the future had well and truly arrived with this breakthrough in technology. The bionic device named eLEGS had a full skeleton structure which was adjusted to fit the individual and strapped to the body over clothing. Now OK, it naturally came with an impressive price tag too but I couldn’t help but imagine just where this product would be in the next few years and the lives it could change. The future really had arrived and it looked brighter than ever.

All the big names were there Sunrise, Invacare, Kuschal, Quickie, Ottobock and Handicare alongside smaller manufacturers and inventors. All in all an enjoyable and educational day.